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  • due to the recent articles written about the yumblr project last year, i decided to redo my yumblr self! i’m now the parfait prince, whos a bit of a creampuff when it comes to their princely duties. princess PB ends up doing most of them anyway. 8-)

    The idea was to indulge your inner foodie by creating fantasy Candyland-esque characters…Each character served as the avatar for a different Tumblr user, and soon other Tumblr denizens stepped forward to claim their own.” (Daily Dot)

    its fun to see how much i’ve grown since the project originated last year. both in my art and myself. there are sure to be more yumblr adventures from myself and princess PB, but lets see what kinds of stories you create for yourself, yeah? :-0 lets take back the yumblr tag!

    high res!

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