how does getting caught by the government for illegally downloading something work is there just a big pop up that flashes red and has sirens and screams STOP THIEF and while youre frozen in shock the fbi breaks in through your door via somersault with guns pointing at you telling you to walk away from the computer slowly hands in the air buddy what happens i need to kn o w

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  24. permanentlydiscoのコメント: so wait then if you get a letter telling you to stop and you stop…. does nothing bad happen to you?
  25. free-willzyxのコメント: Omg im always scared im gonna be downloading a really dirty song or something and theyll be a big pop up message thats like ‘does ur mom know.about this child? Now she does’ and they play it full blast on repeat
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  29. ziorxのコメント: actually yes ive been to federal prison twice for trying to download “now thats what i call music 60” without paying