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22/bi gender/chicago.
gender neutral pronouns

want to hire me? email me at windycarnage at gmail dot com
SERIOUS inquiries only, please dont spam me

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art FAQ

what program do you use?

paint tool sai! you can find an online version on google probably

do you use a drawing tablet?

yes! my tablet is wacom intuos 4 but i used to have a 3 and it worked just as well uvu

can you please make a coloring tutorial?

ahh its very hard for me to make a tutorial on how i color/draw!! i change how i do it every time. this is the closest thing i have to a tutorial, i hope it helps!

what are your brush settings?

you can find all my brush settings on my coloring tutorial

what is your deviantart account?

its the same username as this one! windycarnage!

how can i get good at art?

just practice!! practice everything!! draw everything 24/7 you should always be drawing!! take risks!! make something unique in your artwork. c: 

do you take commissions?

yes! theres a link on my page on the sidebar of links

what do you use to make your pixel/reaction image b&w drawings?

sai! i use the binary tool

i drew you something! how can i show you?

i track my own tag! if you tag it as “windycarnage” i will be able to see it :)


what is your gender?

it’s bigender!

what is bigender?

please use google! haha i think its better for the individual to educate themselves personally :)

what pronouns do you prefer?

they/them! PLEASE DO NOT REFER TO ME AS “gurl” or “girl” or whatever. PLEASE. i don’t mind “dude”. if the situation arises that there is NOT a gender neutral term PLEASE use masculine or default ones. (i.e. waiter, prince, as opposed to waitress, princess, etc) 

i don’t want to call you by those pronouns because of ____.

please do the courteous thing and respect my wishes. it’s not that hard, honestly.

just curious, but ______ ?

please stop yourself and think for a second. is this question rude? is it invasive? is your life going to end if you don’t know the answer to this question immediately? is it worth forcing me to answer? i’m all for self educating, but please be respectful. i do not owe you any explanations. you are not entitled to information about my life just because you read my blog. this might seem rude and, you might say to yourself, “i just want to learn!” and that’s great! but i’m still a human being. i am not a textbook. i have feelings and insecurities, and i don’t always need to reveal everything about myself to anyone for any reason. i get plenty of rude and invasive questions on a daily basis, please don’t be one of them. thankyou. :)


i really like your fantrolls! where can i learn about them?

persef lepori and archit euthis are my only fantrolls. you can try searching my “fantroll” tag, or my “archit euthis” or “persef lepori” tag. THIS is a fanfiction masterpost that relates to persef.

can i draw your fantroll/your and my fantroll/write an au/write a fanfic/ etc?

of course! you really dont even need to ask this, it’s not like i can stop you! if you want me to see any fanart of persef or archit, i suggest tagging it “persef lepori” or “archit euthis” and i’ll see it! persef is pretty friendly, so i don’t have any objections! archit’s not but whatever. of course, if you want to draw deacon or carcha, i’d suggest asking their owners! (spudstud and soselfimportant) also

can i roleplay with you/your fantrolls?

sorry! i don’t roleplay!