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PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH RES, HD!! ahh here is that video/tutorial thingy i promised i would make uvu;; i used this john and dave pic and tried to cut out me surfing/tumbling as much as possible haha its also been sped up

edit: OH ALSO ONE THING TO KEEP IN MIND is that i color all on one layer haha


here are what my brush settings look like the thing about digital painting is im always messing around with these settings i find that if you sort of just reuse the same formulas every time your artwork can start to feel a little stale!! so just have fun and be free with it not everything has to be serious all the time!! the point of this tutorial/video isnt for you to copy my style but to apply certain techniques to your own talents/preferences/styles!! 



watercolor brush (for blending)

brush/pencil tool (for emphasis/hard edges, i.e. eye frame, pupil)


depending on which, you can either start with a Brush tool with a solid shade (like John’s) or you can go in with the Oil Water brush and pick up from the background color (Dave’s). i suggest only starting with the oil water brush if you already have a background color to pick up from, otherwise you’ll just be picking up white. :p

then, oil water brush for blended strokes

as you get to the top layer of hair, use the brush tool for a bolder stroke

then use the airbrush tool for emphasis


pretty much the same exact deal with the hair. for both, make sure youre using both the oil water brush and the brush tool, both of them pick up the previous colors, but the oil brush blends more and the brush tool has a harder stroke.

i tend to use the oil water brush first, then go back with the brush tool for an emphasized fold. 

also for both, whether youre picking up the bg color or not,i always start with the darkest shade and then work my way up with colors. 

i guess my style heavily relies on color blending, and i like to keep a unified palette that way. uvu dont be afraid to get blendy or messy, as i always go back and reinforce lines with air brush. for sketching, i use a light blue shade with the marker tool, then i recolor the line (usually purple/red) with the paintbucket and “clipping group” option on another layer. 

i hope this has helped you all!! feel free to send any questions my way if you need any!! happy arting!!