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  • yay heres my first give-away!!! please click this for high res of the picture haha

    do you want yourself, fankid, fantroll, whoever drawn in god tier?? (i did myself as my title page of hope!!)  heres how you can (:!! (btw this is the test everyone’s using to figure out your title!!)


    1. reblogs only. i mean, if i counted likes, how would i know what your title was!! that being said, please reblog with your title!! if you win, ill ask you have a reference picture or at least a description, plus a little about you (or friend or fantroll, fankid, etc)!! you can make specifications then 

    2. you can reblog as many times as youd like, but please think about your followers first!!

    3. i will pick the winner at random on December 26, 2011.

    4. you do not have to be following me, but it would be cool if you joined the party over on my dash haha and and and i might make more of these if a lot of people like em so you might wanna follow me just in case anyway!!

    5. your ask must must must be open!! otherwise how can i tell youre the winner haha

    if you have any questions feel free to put em in my ask!! anyway goodluck!!! 

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      Sylph of hope
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      Maid of Breath (or Light)!
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      Witch of Light
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      Mage of Heart
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      Light! *crosses fingers for gorgeous art*
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      Theif of Time
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      Priest of Mind!
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      Oops forgot to add Mage of Mind!
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