shoo-silly-old-dragons asked:

Omg so he just finds these aliens and then they're like "yes we will take this one he will do nicely." And then started smooching him? Cause that's how I see it in my mind and at first maybe he fought it then he just accepted his fate but then eventually he was like "no, no, I need all your smooches" and started demanding attention

so basically what happens is they all have their own reasons for being on earth (frankie crashed here, maron was chasing after sasha who got sucked into a worm hole, etc) and for whatever reason they have to stay with rue (who despite his best intentions isnt a heartless asshole so he lets them stay) and then somewhere along the line theyre like “wow you sure do have a way with how you leave your clothes all over the floor and never sleep” and fall in LUV

rue has some BAD HISTORY w aliens and his family from his childhood. maybe thats why he’s plagued with nightmares,…..hmmm………… 8-)


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I'm sorry- but can you please change your theme? It literally never loads- and when it does it goes slow and i can never browse your blog at all. Please! I really would like to finally be able to see it- but i can't. I'm not trying to be rude- i promise. I just really would like to see your blog and such, but the dumb theme won't load- and slows down my chrome....? I honestly don't know whats wrong, but it would be great if you did.